About the Film
Do Something
Do Something
Filming began June 2017
75 min, 49 secs
English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish
United States
Scéal Films

Young parents Fred and Vicki Modell are overjoyed by the arrival of their first child, a perfect baby boy they name Jeffrey. But just months later, it becomes clear that something’s wrong. Jeffrey is diagnosed with a rare disease that leaves him frequently sick and perilously susceptible to even the most common cold. He begs his parents to ‘do something’ and though they desperately try, Jeffrey ultimately succumbs to his illness at the age of 15.

Out of their devastating loss, Fred and Vicki turn to their enduring love for each other to find the strength to fulfill their promise to Jeffrey and they resolve to ‘do something.’ With just $500 in the bank, the couple sets out in search for answers and what took his life. Guided by Jeffrey’s memory and the hope to help just one child, Fred and Vicki turn pain into purpose and end up touching the lives of parents and children all across the world. Millions of lives have been forever changed because of Fred and Vicki's determination to ‘do something.’

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Meet the Modells

Vicki and Fred Modell
About Scéal Films
Walk into a country pub in Ireland and you may hear the barman use the Gaelic greeting “aon scéal?” The basic translation is, “Any news?” The actual translation of scéal means story, and that's what Scéal Films is here to tell — stories. Stories that connect people and remind us of the beauty of our humanity.
Founded by Joan Lynch and inspired by her Irish ancestry of proud and humble storytellers, Scéal Films honors the power stories have to bring us together, and we are stronger together than apart. Through its partnership with award-winning journalists and filmmakers, Scéal is built on the knowledge of what makes a good story and how to tell it in a way that stays with you forever.


View the 10 Warning Signs of Primary Immunodeficiency in other languages here


For more about the Jeffrey Modell Foundation: dosomethingdoc@jmfworld.org

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